Services Offered

Not all lawns are the same and soils can be different dependent on your geographic location. Beautiful Lawns Liverpool offer a range of treatments to suit your lawn. The areas Stephen’s treatments are available include Prescot, Knowsley,  Whiston, Runcorn, Widnes, Halewood, Huyton, Childwall, Woolton, Gateacre, Warrington and anywhere within about a 5 mile radius of South Liverpool.

You can view a full list of treatments below.




Spring is an important time of year for looking after your lawn, the grass is just beginning to grow and after the hardship of winter it will need some attention. Our spring lawn feed includes important trace elements that will help strengthen roots and green up the lawn. We will also apply our broad leaf weed treatment.

Early summer

As temperatures start to rise, weather and growth patterns will vary; we adapt our early summer treatment to these conditions by applying an appropriate lawn feed and soil conditioner which helps to thicken the lawn. We will also apply a further specialist weed treatment for those persistent and stubborn weeds that appear at this time of year.

late summer

Late summer lawn treatment can again be dependent on the weather conditions. A wet and cool summer can result in a drain of nutrients. Alternatively hot weather can make your lawn brown and straw coloured. We will treat your lawn accordingly with a range of feeds and conditioners relative to the  state of your lawn.

Autumn Winter

Autumn is an important time of year, in the last few months of the growing season its important to prepare the lawn for the rigours of winter. Stephen’s Autumn/Winter treatment includes adding trace elements that replace lost nutrients and adding a feed that controls moss and keeps the lawn looking healthy right through till Spring.



Using our unique Spray Away system, we clean paths, drives, walls and decking with one simple spray, returning them back to their original state. Not only is this service cheaper and easier than traditional methods such as power washing, it only takes minutes to apply and clears any hard service of moss, weeds and algae.

We recommend that this treatment is carried out once a year.



If your lawn is “springy” underfoot, has brown woody patches or is suffering from moss invasion, you probably need it scarifying. Over the course of a year grass clippings, dead weeds etc. that aren’t picked up by your mower will form a layer of thatch around the base of the grass stems. As this thatch thickens it prevents nutrients, water and oxygen from reaching the roots, restricting healthy grass growth whilst providing an ideal environment for moss to flourish in.

Scarification, the mechanical process of removing thatch and dead moss from a lawn, rotates numerous sharp steel blades at high speed and is set at different heights depending on the severity of your lawn’s condition. Generally we recommend this service once every two to three years, but lawn condition will dictate.


Most lawns will become compacted over time; this can cause a number of problems such as increasing the likelihood of flooding and reducing the ability of grass to grow well. Compacted lawns encourage the growth of weeds such as dandelions and moss. Grass, however, does not thrive in these conditions, roots struggle to develop and can result in weeds and pale sward, especially during the summer months.

Aeration involves the removal of thousands of soil plugs from your lawn using our purpose built machine, thus allowing grass roots to benefit fully from water, oxygen and the fertiliser we add throughout the growing season. Depending on the condition of your lawn, the cores can either be left as a form of top dressing or be picked up by simply running them over with a lawn mower. We recommend this treatment is carried out once every 1 to 2  years, subject to the condition of your lawn.